Our key: quality
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Altaquímica has incorporated quality as a fundamental principle in its daily management. It ensures all its products by complying with ISO, BRC and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards in all its processes. But the concept of quality goes beyond the established norms. We work to continually improve and be able to offer our clients the highest quality of service. We want to ensure the trust placed in us at all times.

Along with the quality objective, Altaquímica also strives to offer a fast and efficient service and makes every effort to adapt each delivery to its production demands. To meet these specific needs, we seek to establish close communication that allows us to know the how, when and where that the client expects to receive in each order.

We offer flexibility and tailored service that allows us to adapt to the needs of each type of customer, for example kosher or halal products, which are suitable according to Jewish and Muslim law. And all this is possible thanks to a human team with extensive experience that participates with enthusiasm in the growth of the offer of more and better products and services.