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Who are we

Who are we

Altaquímica was founded in 1959 as a raw material distribution company for the pharmaceutical sector. Our company grew successful with hard work and good business management as regards both clients and suppliers and soon gained a solid reputation.

Thanks to the growing trust placed in our firm, a new 5.500 sq. m. warehouse in Barcelona area was needed soon afterwards. In the coming years, Altaquímica moved into a new sector, that of ingredients and additives for the food industry, in which we have now consolidated our position.

Altaquímica has grown, over the years, adapting to the demands of themarket. We offer, at all times, a personalised service and an organisation thoroughly dedicated to providing:

  • A wide range of quality products at competitive prices.

  • Searches for products on the intemational markets to supply all kinds of fine chemicals and intermediate materials for the pharmaceutical industry and ingredients and additives for the food industry.

  • Fast delivery thanks to our large stocks and speedy processing of orders.