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Our key: quality


Altaquímica has incorporated quality as a fundamental instrument in daily management, ensuring with ISO, BRC and GMP standards in all its processes.

The concept of quality for us, goes beyond the established norms, since we work to get continuous improvement to offer its customers the highest quality of service and thus to be able to assure its confidence at all times.

The goal of altaquímica is to offer a fast, efficient and flexible service, adapting each delivery to its production demands. For this, a close communication is essential to know the specific needs of each customer to be able to serve each delivery to your measure: how, when and where you need it. That is why we offer products that are adapted to the needs of each type of customer, for example, kosher or halal products, which are products fit according to Jewish and Muslim law.

All this is possible, thanks to a team with wide experience that participates eagerly in the growth of the offer of more and better products and services.

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